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Biomedical Image Processing / Medical Image Processing
Intra-operative 3D navigation and TRE reduction in image guided spine surgery

Marzie Ershad; Alireza Ahmadian; Houshang Saberi

Volume 7, Issue 2 , June 2013, , Pages 155-162

  Registration of preoperative images to intra-operative patient space is a crucial step in image guided surgery for tracking surgical tools relative to patient’s anatomy. In image guided spine surgery, due to the difference in patient’s positioning in preoperative imaging, compared with intra-operative ...  Read More

Biomedical Image Processing / Medical Image Processing
Registration of intra-operative Ultrasound to CT images using Two-stage point based registration algorithm for Correction of Deformation in liver phantom

Fateme Nazem; Alireza Ahmadian; Mohammad Javad Abolhasani; Nasim Dadashi; Masoume Gity; Mohammad Bagher Shiran

Volume 5, Issue 4 , June 2011, , Pages 351-358

  Abstract: Image guided liver surgery based on intra-operative ultrasound images has received much attention in recent years. Using an efficient point-based registration method to improve both the accuracy and computational time for registration of pre-deformation CT liver images to post-deformation Ultrasound ...  Read More

Biomedical Image Processing / Medical Image Processing
Fast And Noninvasive Thermal Monitoring In Ultrasound Digital Images Using Optical Flow Method

Bahram Momen Mehrabani; Mohammad Javad Abolhassani; Alireza Ahmadian; Javad Alirezaie

Volume 3, Issue 1 , June 2009, , Pages 47-54

  The main purpose of this work is introducing a novel method of temperature monitoring using B-Mode Ultrasound digital images. Thermal dependence of sound speed causes a virtual displacement of scatterer particles. The virtual displacement is computed using speckle tracking methods. Horn-Shunck algorithm ...  Read More

Biological Computer Modeling / Biological Computer Simulation
A Robust to Leakage Method for Airway Tree Segmentation Based on Shape Feature Optimization

Fereshte Yousefi Rizi; Alireza Ahmadian; Javad Alirezaie; Emadoddin Fatemizadeh; Nader Rezaei

Volume 2, Issue 3 , June 2008, , Pages 165-177

  Partial volume effect and image noise greatly decrease the visibility of the airway wall. Another dilemma with airway segmentation methods, which significantly influences their accuracy, is the leakage into the extra-luminal regions due to thinness of the airway wall during the process of segmentation. ...  Read More

Detection of Heart Frequencies Using UWB Sgnals

Mehran Baboli; Seyed Ali Ghorashi; Namdar Saniei; Alireza Ahmadian

Volume 2, Issue 4 , June 2008, , Pages 297-303

  Ultra Wide Band (UWB) signals are widely used in medical applications. In this paper, we developed a novel non-contact monitoring system to measure the heart rates of patients using UWB signals. The work is performed in two stages. First, a simulated UWB system including a model for human body is developed, ...  Read More

Biomedical Image Processing / Medical Image Processing
Evaluation, Analysis And Designing Of A Computer-Aided Diagnostic (Cad) System For Digital Mammograms In Iran

Nader Riahi Alam; Reza Aghaeizade Zoroofi; Masoume Giti; Arian Deldari; Alireza Ahmadian

Volume 1, Issue 3 , June 2007, , Pages 157-165

  In this study, the need of a CAD system and its capabilities has been investigated and then a sample program for a mammographic CAD system proper to Iranian tropical patients was designed. In the first step, the analog mammographic images were digitized by 56 and 112 mm spatial resolution and then were ...  Read More