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Bioceramics / Bioglasses
Effect of Hand-Held Flexi-Bar on Shoulder Functional Tonic and Phasic Time-Varying Muscle Synergies

Mehrdad Davoudi; S. Mohammad Reza Shokouhyan; Mahdi Bagheri Rouchi; Masoud Abdollahi; Soha Bervis; Maryam Hoviat Talab; Mohamad Parnianpour

Volume 14, Issue 2 , July 2020, , Pages 81-96

  An open research question is how the central nervous system (CNS) to find a solution for the problem of redundancy or degree of freedom in the human shoulder motion control. We used time-varying synergy theory in which assumed that the relative activation between muscles is time-varying, to investigate ...  Read More

Biomechanics / Biomechanical Engineering
Evaluation of Lumbar Muscle Synergy in Flexion Movement using Time-Varying Muscle Synergies

Mahdi Bagheri Rouchi; Mehrdad Davoudi; Mohammad Parnianpour

Volume 13, Issue 2 , August 2019, , Pages 177-187

  According to the literature, changes in muscle activity patterns are considered as one of the causes of non-specific chronic low back pain. Recent studies have introduced muscle synergy as a valuable tool for analyzing how muscles work in body movements. In this way, a new study method is proposed for ...  Read More

Human Movement Modeling
A Novel Method for Mathematical Modeling of the Skeletal System of the Human Body: Incorporating the Kinematic Characteristics of Biological Joints and the Effects of Complex Kinematic Chains of the Skeletal System

Hossein Ehsani; Mostafa Rostami; Mohammad Parnianpour

Volume 9, Issue 2 , July 2015, , Pages 191-203

  In the current study, a novel method for deriving the governing equations of the skeletal system of the human body has been presented. In this method, a novel approach for incorporating the kinematic characteristics of biological joints and also the effects of complex kinematic chains of the skeletal ...  Read More

Gait Analysis
Nonlinear analysis of dynamic lumbar stability during repetitive trunk flexion extension at symmetric and asymmetric directions

Samane Moeini Sedeh; Navid Arjmand; Mohammad Ali Sanjari; Hamid Reza Mokhtarinia; Morteza Asgari; Mohammad Parnianpour

Volume 7, Issue 4 , June 2013, , Pages 333-340

  Stability is important to prevent falling during occupational and daily living activities. Control parameters such as direction of motion and external load can affect stability pattern. The purpose of this paper was to evaluate the effect of the mentioned control parameters on stability. Time series ...  Read More

Gait Analysis
Wearable Human Movement Instrumentation System

Mohammad Iman Mokhlespour Esfahani; Omid Zobeiri; Ali Akbari; Behzad Moshiri; Mohammad Parnianpour

Volume 7, Issue 4 , June 2013, , Pages 361-369

  Wearable measuring system has major effects onbiomechanics of human movements especially in daily activitiesin order to monitor and analyze the human movements to achievethe most important kinematics parameters. In the recent decade,inertial sensors were utilized by researchers in order todeveloping ...  Read More

Biomechanics of Bone / Bone Biomechanics
Axisymmetric Poroelastic FE Modeling of Intervertebral Disc for Investigation of Lumbar Spine Biomechanics

Mohammad Nikkhoo; Mohammad Haghpanahi; J. L. Wang; Mohammad Parnianpour

Volume 5, Issue 1 , June 2011, , Pages 21-32

  Prediction of the relationship between different types of mechanical loading and the failure of the intervertebral disc is so important to identify the risk factors which are difficult to study in vivo and   in vitro. On the basis of finite element methods some of these issues may be overcome ...  Read More

Neuro-Muscular Engineering
Employing muscular and stability synergies to perform a desired task

Amir Hosein Eskandari; Ehsan Sedaghat Nejad; Seyed Javad Mousavi; Mohsen Asghari; Mohammad Parnianpour

Volume 5, Issue 3 , June 2011, , Pages 257-273

  Selection of muscle activation pattern to reach a specific goal by considering the complexities of neuromuscular system and the way it overcomes these complications, is of researchers􀂶interest in motor control. One proposed solutionfor resolving thesecomplexities is the concept of simple module (synergies) ...  Read More

Biomechanical Motor Control / Motor Control of Human Movement
How Does CNS Address the Kinetic Redundancy in Lumbar Spine? Three Dimensional Isometric Exertions With 18 Hill Muscle Fascicles at L4/L5 Level of Lumbar Region

Ehsan Rashedi; Mohammad Reza Nassajian; Bahman Nasseroleslami; Mohammad Parnianpour

Volume 2, Issue 2 , June 2008, , Pages 109-122

  Human motor system is organized for execution of various motor tasks in different and flexible ways. This is mainly achieved by the way that CNS uses the redundancy in musculoskeletal system. The kinetic redundancy in human musculoskeletal systems is a significant property by which CNS achieves many ...  Read More