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Biomedical Imaging / Medical Imaging
Improving the Visual Quality in Radially Acquired Real-Time MR Images

Elham Mohammadi; Abbas Nasiraei Moghaddam

Volume 16, Issue 1 , May 2022, , Pages 63-74

  Real-time MRI using highly undersampled radial acquisition can be used for dynamic assessments of the heart. The main challenges, however, are the presence of severe undersampling artifacts in the periphery of the images. In this study, to improve the visual quality of the final real-time images, a new ...  Read More

Biomedical Imaging / Medical Imaging
Statistical Analysis of Altered Brain Structural and Functional Connectivity in Schizophrenia Patients

Farzaneh Keyvanfard; Alireza Rahiminasab; Abbas Nasiraei Moghaddam

Volume 15, Issue 3 , December 2021, , Pages 211-220

  In brain disorders, both the brain structural and functional connectivity are altered and cause different behavioral symptoms. Recognizing these variations can help us to diagnose, treat, and control its progression. Schizophrenia is one of these mental disorders that widely affects the brain structure ...  Read More

Fusion Analysis of Brain Functional and Structural Connectivity to Discriminate Schizophrenia in Network Level

Farzaneh Keyvanfard; Abbas Nasiraei Moghaddam

Volume 13, Issue 2 , August 2019, , Pages 147-158

  Brain as the most complex organ in the human body has been investigated from various aspects. The greatest origin of this complexity is due to the fact that, despite the fixed architecture of brain structure (physical connections), the functional connectivity is in a constantly changing state, resulting ...  Read More

Cardiovascular Biomechanics
Constitutive Model of Passive Myocardium of Lamb

Navid Soltani; Abbas Nasiraei Moghaddam; Nasser Faturaee; Saeed Seyri; Aisa Rassoli

Volume 8, Issue 4 , February 2015, , Pages 359-370

  Experimental tests and equations on the continuum mechanics are used in order to obtain the constitutive models of soft tissue using in predictive heart simulation. Considering the myocardium as one of the important tissues, in this paper first the morphology and structure of myocardium has been reviewed ...  Read More

Biomedical Image Processing / Medical Image Processing
Eye tracking by Image processing for helping disabled people

Alireza Rahimpour; Abbas Nasiraei Moghaddam

Volume 6, Issue 3 , June 2012, , Pages 195-205

  Nowadays eye gaze tracking has wide range of applications in human computer interaction. One of these applications is using trajectory of eye gaze instead of foot or hand for disabled people to execute some commands. Various methods have been proposed, some of this methods can successfully track the ...  Read More