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A New Method for Automatic Diagnosis of Age-Related Macular Degeneration using Optical Coherence Tomography Images

Amir Babaoghli; Hadi Soltanizadeh

Volume 13, Issue 3 , October 2019, , Pages 235-246

  Diseases associated with the retina and macula of the eye, causing permanent loss of vision or a great deal of loss of vision in people, leads to a decrease in the quality of life and a lot of problems in daily life. For this reason, the timely and correct identification of these diseases and disorders ...  Read More

Biomedical Image Processing / Medical Image Processing
Diagnosis of Diabetes Based on Tongue Images Using Local Features, Statistical Features of Texture and Color Moment

maryam bagheri baghan; vahid azadzadeh; ali mohammad latif

Volume 10, Issue 2 , August 2016, , Pages 137-148

  It is a common approach to diagnose a disease based on the tongue in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In this paper, a noninvasive imaging of tongue whose surface papilla change in diabetics is used to detect the disease. The required images have been provided by Parsian specialized clinic of Mashhad. In ...  Read More

Biomedical Image Processing / Medical Image Processing
Eye tracking by Image processing for helping disabled people

Alireza Rahimpour; Abbas Nasiraei Moghaddam

Volume 6, Issue 3 , June 2012, , Pages 195-205

  Nowadays eye gaze tracking has wide range of applications in human computer interaction. One of these applications is using trajectory of eye gaze instead of foot or hand for disabled people to execute some commands. Various methods have been proposed, some of this methods can successfully track the ...  Read More

Biomedical Image Processing / Medical Image Processing
Evaluation, Analysis And Designing Of A Computer-Aided Diagnostic (Cad) System For Digital Mammograms In Iran

Nader Riahi Alam; Reza Aghaeizade Zoroofi; Masoume Giti; Arian Deldari; Alireza Ahmadian

Volume 1, Issue 3 , June 2007, , Pages 157-165

  In this study, the need of a CAD system and its capabilities has been investigated and then a sample program for a mammographic CAD system proper to Iranian tropical patients was designed. In the first step, the analog mammographic images were digitized by 56 and 112 mm spatial resolution and then were ...  Read More

Biomedical Image Processing / Medical Image Processing
A New Approach For Human Identification Based On Retina Image

Hadi Jafariani; Hamid Abrishami Moghaddam; Mohammad Shahram Moein

Volume 1, Issue 4 , June 2007, , Pages 311-318

  One of the most accurate techniques for human identification is based on the uniqueness of the retinal blood vessels pattern. In this paper, we present a new approach for human identification using retina image. This approach is insensitive to rotation, scaling and translation. The Fourier-Mellin transform ...  Read More

Biomedical Image Processing / Medical Image Processing
Segmentation Of Mid-Brain Structures Based On Active Contours

Ladan Amini; Hamid Soltanian Zadeh; Caro Lucas; Masoume Giti

Volume -2, Issue 1 , July 2005, , Pages 17-34

  Based on a discrete dynamic contour model, a method for segmentation of brain structures like thalamus and red nucleus from magnetic resonance images (MRI) is developed. A new method for solving common problems in extracting the discontinuous boundary of a structure from a low contrast image is presented. ...  Read More

Biomedical Image Processing / Medical Image Processing
Automatic Diagnosis Of Clustered Microcalcifications Using Wavelet Transform And Neural Networks

Hamid Abrishami Moghaddam; Alireza Sheikh Hasani; Abbas Mostafa; Masoume Giti; Parviz Abdolmaleki

Volume -1, Issue 2 , June 2005, , Pages 117-128

  This paper presents a CAD system for detection and diagnosis of microcalcification clusters in mammograms. The proposed algorithm is composed of three main stages. In the first stage, the image pixels are examined for corresponding to individual microcalcification objects. For this purpose, the wavelet ...  Read More