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To ease the process of preparing paper recommended the draft article at the beginning of this guide use the template file. Download article for the Journal of Biomedical Engineering is possible only through the website.

The authors of articles asked the following tips in preparing and filing submissions adhere strictly says.
  1. The official language is Persian.
  2. Articles should be original and new results of research activities and research in the sciences and applied activities useful medical engineering industries.
  3. Articles should not in any national or international scientific publications in press or published or submitted for publication elsewhere is at the same time.
  4. Papers accepted for publication in the journal are divided into three categories:
  Most of the editorial board meeting directly your request through the Secretariat for the author intended to write this kind of article of the Country. In this case, in this case the location specified by writing a note to the editor noted. Of course, our writers can, submit your article for review.
  B) The full research papers: Full papers Journal of the minimum volume 3500 words (or equivalent), up to 15 pages (with English abstracts) and contains the result of a genuine research work is done.
  C) Research short: research papers with a maximum of 3500 words (or equivalent)
  Note: Papers will not be accepted translation.