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Dental Biomechanics
Investigation on Primary Stability of Dental Implants: In-Vitro Cyclic Compressive Loading-Unloading and Micro-Finite Element Analysis

Pedram Akhlaghi; Setareh Khorshidparast; Gholamreza Rouhi

Volume 15, Issue 3 , December 2021, , Pages 263-277

  Today, the success and failure of treatment by dental implants is influenced by the concept of primary and secondary stability. Primary stability is the capacity of the bone-implant system to withstand the loads, without noticeable damage to the adjacent bone, which may cause the implant to loosen, and ...  Read More

Dental Biomechanics
Investigation on Primary Stability of Dental Implants during Compressive Cyclic Loading-Unloading using µCT Imaging, and Digital Volume Correlation (DVC) Method

Pedram Akhlaghi; Setareh Khorshidparast; Gholamreza Rouhi; Hamidreza Barikani

Volume 15, Issue 2 , August 2021, , Pages 151-159

  Primary stability is the initial mechanical engagement of the implant with its neighboring bone, which can be assessed through in-vitro assessment of stiffness and the ultimate load of the bone-implant complex. Implantation and the following loading on an implant after implantation, could cause mechanical ...  Read More

Biomechanics of Bone / Bone Biomechanics
Effect of Aging on Crack Propagation Trajectory in Dentin: Numerical Analysis

Iman Zoljanahi Oskui

Volume 12, Issue 1 , June 2018, , Pages 75-84

  With the increase in lifespan there are many concerns related to ability of the hard tissues such as teeth to meet the physical demands over an extended period of function. The dentin has a special microstructural feature that governs its mechanical behavior, e.g., fracture mechanics: cylindrical tubules ...  Read More

Biomechanics of Bone / Bone Biomechanics
Effects Of Type And Thickness Of Dental Implant Coatings On Maximum Stress At The Interface Of Coating-Implant And Bone-Coating

Khalil Farhangdoust; Ali Banihashem; Ali Ghaneei

Volume -2, Issue 1 , July 2005, , Pages 1-8

  Using ceramic coatings has increased in popularity due to their compatibility with bone, absence of the fibrous layer at the coating-implant interface, and the stronger coating-bone bonding. Among these coatings, hydroxyapatite (HA) and fluoroapatite (FA) are more popular. For the first time in this ...  Read More

Dental Biomechanics
Mathematical Modeling Of Frictional Force Between Ligature And Orthodontic Wire

Jalil Rezaei Pajand; Seyed Mohammad Chavoshi

Volume -1, Issue 2 , June 2005, , Pages 153-158

  The main objective of this study is to present a mathematical model for frictional forces in orthodontic tooth movements. In order to produce lighter and more efficient sliding movement, good estimation of frictional forces must be determined. For the purpose of analysis, a typical bracket with a circular ...  Read More

Dental Biomechanics
Effect Of Cold Deformation On Superelasticity And Morphology Of Four Orthodontic Nitinol Wire

Seyed Khatiboleslam Sadrnezhaad; Amir Hossein Tavabi; Saeed Ghoreishi

Volume -1, Issue 2 , June 2005, , Pages 181-191

  Tooth straightening with superelastic wire requires exertion of continued bending as well as tensional forces exerted by the wires to the teeth. The applied force can influence on properties of the wire. Knowing the amount and mechanism of this change results in both improvement of the clinical operation ...  Read More