Quarterly Journal of Biomedical Engineering in the Field of Biomedical Engineering

is the Most Demanded on the Publication of Scientific Value,

In all Fields of Biomedical Associated Engineering with the Track.

The Editorial Board is Composed of Prominent University Professors in the Country (I.R. Iran)

that Provide Direct Supervision to Arbitration and Accepting Articles.

This System, Has Been Launched in this Journal 

In Order to Receive, Evaluate and Publish Articles.


The Iranian Journal of Biomedical Engineering (IJBME) is a quarterly journal in Farsi (with the title, abstract and keywords in English) that is published regularly every three months by the Iranian Society for Biomedical Engineering (ISBME). This journal is based on the permission of The Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and has a scientific-research degree. All the processes of receiving, initial review, reviewing, accepting and publishing articles are done online and with a standard template on the dedicated and active website of the journal, and based on the opinion of the editorial board of the journal, only scientific-research articles are reviewed and published. The articles of this quarterly journal have a DOI identifier and are published in fields related to biomedical engineering (including bioelectrics, biomechanics, biomaterials and clinical trends). All articles published in this journal are available for free and online through the journal's website and a printed version of the journal is sent to the authors of the articles and the libraries of the prestigious universities with a field of biomedical engineering. In the process of reviewing the articles sent to this publication, in order to prevent scientific fraud, a reliable matching system is used for similarity check. Currently, all the stages of registration, reviewing and publication of articles are done for free. In this journal, in order to protect author’s rights, to prevent the occurrence of scientific violations and to verify the scientific authenticity of the articles, it is mandatory for the responsible author to complete and submit the commitment of work and conflict of interest forms. This publication fully and strictly follows the the Cope ethical principles. The reviewing process in this journal is done in a double-blind manner.


 Published in Journal of Biomedical Engineering in 1383 with the authorization of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology as a set of research papers in the fields of biomedical engineering began.

The editorial board of the Journal of respected researchers and writers to write articles of this journal are invited to bring their research activities. Fields of accepted papers can include all topics related to biomedical engineering at inclinations biomaterials, biomechanics and is bioelectric.

The editorial board of Journal of Biomedical Engineering regular meetings and monthly magazine dedicated to the policy. In addition, conclusions and decisions regarding the results of the papers in this session is done. Based on the decisions taken, trying to have received papers done in the shortest possible time and reach a final decision to inform the authors.