Document Type : Full Research Paper


1 Post-Doctoral Researcher, Bioelectromagnetics Laboratory, School of Electrical and Computer Eng., University of Tehran

2 B.Sc. Student, School of Electrical and Computer Eng., University of Tehran

3 Professor, Center of Excellence on Applied Electromagnetic Systems, University of Tehran



We introduce a new computational approach which is capable of providing estimations of the electric field strength induced in biological bodies at large to ultra-fine scales. The method is theoretically based on multi-scale analysis and excitation of the smaller-scale models by the computed fields at the larger-scale model. The method and its implementation are shown, and as a practical example, the electric field induced inside the plasma membrane has been successfully computed for cells residing at different locations in the human body-model. Also discussed are the origins of the frequency-dependent behavior of the induced field strength and the significance of its practical consequences for bioelectromagnetics.


Main Subjects

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