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Assistant Professor, Department of Physics and Biomedical Engineering, School of Medicine, Isfahan Univ. of Medical Sciences Medical Image and Signal Processing Research Center



In this paper, ultrasonic images are initially deblurred using Gradient method and then the estimations of image and point spread function (PSF) are improved using denoising techniques. For this reason, at first a criterion with appropriate regularizers (that results in preservation of the edges) is defined for the iterative Gradient method, then the estimation of PSF is improved using a denoising technique based on using an anisotropic window around each pixel. The initial estimation of image is also improved using a denoising method in complex wavelet domain that proposes maximum a posteriori (MAP) estimator and local Laplacian prior density function. Using these denoising methods on top of Gradient method causes that our algorithm reduces the visual artifacts and preserves the edges in the deblurred images. Our simulations show that the proposed method in this paper outperforms other methods visually and quantitatively.


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