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1 M.Sc Graduated, Biomedical Engineering Group, School of Electrical Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology

2 Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering Group, School of Electrical Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology



Vibroacoustography is a relatively new elasticity imaging method that uses dynamic (oscillatory) radiation force of ultrasound to vibrate the tissue at low frequency (Kilo Hertz). The resulting acoustic emission is recorded with sensitive hydrophone to produce images that are related to the mechanical properties of the tissue. This force is produced by two continuous overlapping ultrasound beams that have a slightly different frequency. Vibroacoustography has been applied to image breast and arteries microcalcification. The lateral resolution of this imaging method is about 0.7mm and its axial resolution is about 12 mm. In this paper two major methods of producing dynamic radiation force, Confocal and X-focal (consists of two concave transducers whose axes cross at their foci at an angle q), are analyzed. A new method for improving axial resolution using short duration pulses is introduced. Simulation results show that we have about 50% improvement in axial resolution using short duration pulses.


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