Document Type : Full Research Paper


1 M.Sc Graduated, Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept., Shahid Beheshti University

2 Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept., Shahid Beheshti University

3 Associate Professor, Biomedical System & Medical Physics Dept., Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Research Center for Science and Technology in Medicine



Ultra Wide Band (UWB) signals are widely used in medical applications. In this paper, we developed a novel non-contact monitoring system to measure the heart rates of patients using UWB signals. The work is performed in two stages. First, a simulated UWB system including a model for human body is developed, where heart is simulated using simple layered model, and then its rate is detected. In second stage, real experiments are carried out on human body using UWB radar with 3.2 GHz bandwidth, and a new practical wavelet based algorithm is proposed to detect heart rate. The proposed algorithm has a high precision (98%) and accuracy (92%) and appears to be promising for future monitoring systems. 


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