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1 K. N. Toosi University of Technology

2 Tehran University of Medical Science

3 Tarbiat Modarres University



This paper presents a CAD system for detection and diagnosis of microcalcification clusters in mammograms. The proposed algorithm is composed of three main stages. In the first stage, the image pixels are examined for corresponding to individual microcalcification objects. For this purpose, the wavelet transform of the image is computed. Then two wavelet coefficients as well as two statistical features are used with a neural network for a primary classification of the image pixels. In the second stage, some noisy pixels extracted by the first step are eliminated. Then 18 features defined for each microcalcification are used with a nonlinear classifier for accurate detection of microcalcifications. For training of this classifier we used 16 regions from a database containing 379 microcalcifications. Finally, in the third stage five features defined for each microcalcification cluster with a neural network are used to recognize malignant microcalcification clusters. For training of this network, 22 clusters including 8 malignant and 14 benign cases were used. The performance of the algorithm was evaluated using a separate image set composed of 22 clusters including 10 malignant and 12 benign cases. Using these tests images and the threshold value of 0.45, the sensitivity of the algorithm was 100% and its specificity was 91.6%.


Main Subjects

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