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1 Department of Medical Radiation Engineering, Amir Kabir University of Technology

2 Department of Medical Physic & Engineering, Tehran University of Medical Sciences



Nowadays, various methods have been suggested to measure and monitor blood velocity variation in arteries and veins. Ultrasonic velocimetry is one of these methods, which is based on Doppler shift frequency measurement and the blood flow velocity calculation using Doppler shift signal. Using velocity-time curves or frequency spectrum which is system outputs, the abnormal cases and the stenosis degree can be determined. In this study, the design and prototyping of a pulsed Doppler system are investigated. The design consists of analog and digital circuits. The analog section includes Master oscillator, stimulus generator, transmitter, receiver, RF amplifier, demodulator and signal sampling circuits. Analog Doppler signal is then converted to digital codes and transferred to PC via an analog to digital converter card. The controlling of analog circuits is also implemented by the digital control unit. After data being transferred to the PC, data analysis such as fast fourier transform (FFT), monitoring of blood velocity variation with time and computation of two dimensional spectrogram are implemented by a software which was written in the Visual C++6 environment. In order to test the system, a string Doppler phantom with full electronic control was built. This phantom also can be used to test and control the quality of the other clinical ultrasonic Doppler systems. 


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