Document Type : Full Research Paper


1 Phd Student of Amirkabir University of Technology

2 Mechanical engineering department, Amirkabir university of technology

3 Department of biomedical engineering, Amirkabir university of technology



Despite the extensive progress in the field of biomechanics of human gait, a suitable gait model with the ability to simulate the control system of the human brain has not yet been presented, especially in 3D mode. The importance of the issue increases when the simulation of human walking is one of the main requirements of designers of biomechanical equipment such as artificial organs, wearable robots and humanoid robots. Regarding the constraints and complexities of previous studies, in this research, a forward dynamic 3D model of gait based on sliding mode controller (SMC) is presented, which simulates the walking behavior of healthy individual on the ground in different movement phases. One of the strengths of this research is the comprehensive and analytical review of 3D rotation consequences of the joints coordinate systems, which is done with 11 DOF inverse dynamic model. Based on the obtained results, the SMC controller is well able to produce stable 3D human gait. Also, in 3D gait analysis, the Cardan rotation sequence is not suitable and YXZ order should be used. This outcome is a very useful result for 3D motion generation for human like walking pattern. The results of this study can be used in the design of humanoid robots, active and passive prostheses. Also, the presented model can simulate the walking of an amputee with a prosthesis and the role of the controller in the path, which is very important and beneficial in terms of rehabilitation.


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