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Full Research Paper
An Investigation of Dynamic Behavior of a Pointed-Mass Convex-Sole Biped Walker with and without a Passive Controller

Fatemeh Ghafouri; Mohammad Hadi Honarvar; Mohammad Mahdi Jalili

Volume 14, Issue 1 , May 2020, Pages 1-11

  Minimizing the energy expenditure as well as structure's size and weight is very important in biped walking robots. To achieve this target, a passive controller, which is a combination of spring and linear damper, is added to a biped walker. The important specification of the studied walker is that it ...  Read More

Full Research Paper Biomedical Signal Processing / Medical Signal Processing / Biosignal Processing
Evaluation of Auditory System Abnormalities in Autism Spectrum Disorder using Event Related Potentials (ERPs)

Farzaneh Dasar; Majid Ghoshuni; Ghasem Sadeghi Bajestani

Volume 14, Issue 1 , May 2020, Pages 13-22

  Autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disorder that involves disorders in social interaction and communication and repetitive or stereotypical behavior. In some children with autism, the sensitivity to acoustic stimuli is much higher than normal (hypersensitive) versus in some other children, this ...  Read More

Full Research Paper Biomechanics / Biomechanical Engineering
Application of the Bridgman Method in More Accurate Determination of Uniaxial Mechanical Properties of Liver

Hadi Taghizadeh

Volume 14, Issue 1 , May 2020, Pages 23-30

  Determining mechanical properties of very soft tissues have been considered as a popular and challenging topic in biomechanics only in the last decades. In addition, these tissues do not have any weight-bearing functions, however, their mechanical characterization is important for designing new safety ...  Read More

Full Research Paper Biomedical Image Processing / Medical Image Processing
Functional Connectivity Based Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder by using Resting State fMRI

Amirhossein Chalechale; Ali Khadem

Volume 14, Issue 1 , May 2020, Pages 31-42

  The well-timed and correct diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder (BD) followed by proper treatment is vital for avoiding the progress of the illness. Although using resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging (rs-fMRI) data and the features extracted from them may have an important role in diagnosing ...  Read More

Full Research Paper Scaffolding / Bio-Scaffolds
Simulation of Momentum and Mass Transport in a 3D Porous Scaffold

Seyedeh Sara Kamali; Haniye Abdi Kordlar; Maryam Saadatmand; Shohreh Mashayekhan

Volume 14, Issue 1 , May 2020, Pages 43-53

  Successful cell culture in large scale 3D scaffolds in tissue engineering is still challenging and requires full control over physical, chemical and mechanical properties of the applied scaffolds. Recently, using printers for the fabrication of 3D scaffold with a structural arrangement of fibers has ...  Read More

Full Research Paper Biological Computer Modeling / Biological Computer Simulation
A Mathematical Model of Tumor-Immune System with Fuzzy Parameters

Sajad Shafiekhani; Amin Mashayekhi Shams; Seyed Yashar Banihashem; Nematollah Gheibi; Amir Homayoun Jafari

Volume 14, Issue 1 , May 2020, Pages 55-67

  According to cancer’s global statistics, there will be 27.5 million new cases of cancer each year by 2040, therefore, it is crucial to achieve a deeper understanding of the cancer progression mechanisems and immune system functions in response to it. Nowadays, computational models are widely used ...  Read More

Full Research Paper Computational Neuroscience
A Temporal Computational Model for Object Recognition inspired by Human Visual System

Naser Sadeghnejad; Mehdi Ezoji; Reza Ebrahimpour

Volume 14, Issue 1 , May 2020, Pages 69-79

  Object recognition is one of the main cognitive abilities of human and animals. Human visual system, as a fast and accurate system can be a source of inspiration for the computational models of object recognition. Studies on the human visual system have emphasized its processing over time, whereas it ...  Read More