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Full Research Paper Cell Biomechanics / Cell Mechanics / Mechanobiology
A minimal two state variables model for action potential in human ventricular cell

Seyed Hojat Sabzpoushan; Zahra Daneshparvar

Volume 7, Issue 3 , June 2013, Pages 187-200

  The study of cardiac arrhythmia is a great help for prevention of the major reason of human death. To study the arrhythmias, we need cell models that not only mimic AP’s normal behavior, but also show their abnormal activity. The usual electrophysiological models contain a lot of details and hence ...  Read More

Full Research Paper
Synthesis of TCP-HA biphasic compositions: Evaluation of temperature and Ca/P ratio on the type and amount of phases

Saeed Hesaraki; Masoud Hafezi Ardakani; Kolsoum Rajabi Monavar; Hosein Mohammadi

Volume 7, Issue 3 , June 2013, Pages 201-207

  In this research, effect of temperature and calcium to phosphorus (Ca/P) ratio of raw materials on the type and the amounts of formed phases were investigated by solid state method. Calcium carbonate and dicalcium phosphate were provided as raw materials and mixed with different percentages in a way ...  Read More

Full Research Paper Biomedical Image Processing / Medical Image Processing
Respiratory Motion Compensation in PET Based on Wavelet Transform Model

Nikta Jalayer; Majid Bagheri; Majid Pouladian

Volume 7, Issue 3 , June 2013, Pages 209-217

  Recent developments in three-dimensional (3D) PET systems have enabled the spatial resolution to reach the 2- to 5-mm full-width-at-half-maximum (FWHM) range. With such improvements in spatial resolution, even small amounts of motion during PET imaging become a significant source of resolution degradation. ...  Read More

Full Research Paper Biomedical Image Processing / Medical Image Processing
Semi-automatic segmentation and analysis of GBM brain tumors in magnetic resonance images

Neda Behzadfar; Hamid Soltanian Zadeh

Volume 7, Issue 3 , June 2013, Pages 219-236

  Segmentation of tumors in magnetic resonance images is an important task. However, it is quite time consuming and has low accuracy and reproducibility when performed manually. Automating the process is challenging, due to high diversity in appearance of tumor tissue in different patients and in many ...  Read More

Full Research Paper Biomedical Image Processing / Medical Image Processing
Tracking of Cardiac Wall Motion using Nonrigid Registration of Echocardiographic Images

Pedram Masaeli; Hamid Behnam; Zahra Alizadeh Sani; Ahmad Shalbaf

Volume 7, Issue 3 , June 2013, Pages 237-254

  Coronary artery diseases cause more than half of all deaths in the world. Obviously, early identification is an important way to control coronary artery disease that is diagnosed by measurement and scoring general and regional movement of left ventricle of heart (Normal, Hypokinetic and Akinetic). The ...  Read More

Full Research Paper Biological Computer Modeling / Biological Computer Simulation
Computational Modeling of Micro-particle Deposition in the Second Generation of Bronchial tree (of Human Pulmonary System)

Hosein Ghasemi; Mohammad Saeid Saeidi; Bahar Firoozabadi

Volume 7, Issue 3 , June 2013, Pages 255-264

  Knowledge regarding particle deposition processes in the pulmonary system is important in aerosol therapy and inhalation toxicology applications. The present work describes a computational model of human lung airway consisting of the three-generation pathway from the trachea down to segmental bronchi. ...  Read More

Full Research Paper Biomedical Signal Processing / Medical Signal Processing / Biosignal Processing
ECG Coding for Compression Enhancement in Telemedicine

Mohsen Mohammadvali’ee; Ali Mahloojifar

Volume 7, Issue 3 , June 2013, Pages 265-276

  One of the most important goals for increasing the recognition and treatment revenue is transmitting the vital data to medical care team, more quickly. Nowadays, use of new technologies for transmission of data is extending every day. In this research, for transmitting electrocardiogram, first we code ...  Read More

Technical note
Wireless Heart Beat and Respiratory Rate Monitoring Using a Short-range Wireless System

Zahra sadat Hosseini; Mohadese Arabgari; Ali Farmad; Leili Goldoozian; Hamid Reza Maghari; Sara Aghajari; Edmond Zahedi

Volume 7, Issue 3 , June 2013, Pages 277-285

  In this article a wireless patient monitoring system for vital signs (respiratory rate and heart beat) is presented. The recorded biosignal is the photoplethysmogram using a probe attached to the patient's finger. This signal is amplified, filtered and digitized by an on-board processor unit before finally ...  Read More