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Full Research Paper
EEG-Based Emotional State Recognition using Deep Learning Network

Seyedeh Saeideh Zahedi Haghighi; Sayed Mahmoud Sakhaei; Mohammadreza Daliri

Volume 13, Issue 2 , August 2019, Pages 95-104

  Emotion is one of the most important human quality that plays an important role in life. Also, one way of communicating between human and computer is based on emotion recognition. One way of emotion recognition is based on electroencephalographic signal (EEG). In this paper, according to the non-stationary ...  Read More

Full Research Paper Neural Network / Biological & Artificial Neural Network / BNN & ANN
Prediction of Pulmonary Artery and Peripheral Vascular Pressure based on Echocardiography Data and Artificial Neural Network

Hamed Abbasi; Shahrokh Shojaei; Nasim Naderi

Volume 13, Issue 2 , August 2019, Pages 105-115

  Today, in order to decide on many cardiac surgeries, and whether the patient is able to get under surgery or the time of surgery is passed, it is necessary to measure pulmonary vascular resistance and if the resistance is above a threshold, the patient is considered to be non-surgery; and sometimes, ...  Read More

Full Research Paper Biomedical Signal Processing / Medical Signal Processing / Biosignal Processing
Nonlinear EEG Processing and Statistical Analysis in the Study of Preference and Liking a Product

Somayeh Raiesdana; Samaneh Safari

Volume 13, Issue 2 , August 2019, Pages 117-134

  In this study, a neuromarketing project was conducted via EEG signal processing in which the individuals’ interest for buying a relatively luxurious decorative product (which has a relative advantage in exports based on commonly evaluated criteria and indicators in economic) was evaluated. EEG ...  Read More

Full Research Paper Bioelectrics
Localizing Epileptic Focus through Simultaneous EEG-fMRI Recording and Automated Detection of IED from Inside-Scanner EEG

Elias Ebrahimzadeh; Hamid Soltanian-Zadeh; Babak Nadjar Araabi; Seyed Sohrab Hashemi Fesharaki; Jafar Mehvari Habibabadi

Volume 13, Issue 2 , August 2019, Pages 135-145

  Since electroencephalography (EEG) signal contains temporal information and fMRI carries spatial information, we can reasonably expect that a combination of the two contributes greatly to precise localization of   epileptic focuses.  With that in mind, we have first extracted spike patterns ...  Read More

Full Research Paper Bioelectrics
Fusion Analysis of Brain Functional and Structural Connectivity to Discriminate Schizophrenia in Network Level

Farzaneh Keyvanfard; Abbas Nasiraei Moghaddam

Volume 13, Issue 2 , August 2019, Pages 147-158

  Brain as the most complex organ in the human body has been investigated from various aspects. The greatest origin of this complexity is due to the fact that, despite the fixed architecture of brain structure (physical connections), the functional connectivity is in a constantly changing state, resulting ...  Read More

Full Research Paper
Presenting a Heterogeneous Tumor Growth Model based on Cellular Automata Algorithm by Considering the Effect of Effective Immune Cells: Study the Model from Cancer Therapy Viewpoint

Fateme Pourhasanzade; Seyed Hojat Sabzpoushan; Danial Makvandi

Volume 13, Issue 2 , August 2019, Pages 159-175

  Cancer is a leading cause of death in the world. Mathematical and computer models may help scientists to better understand it, and improve current treatments. They may also introduce new aspects of therapy. In this paper, a Cellular Automata model of tumor by emphasizing on immune system is presented. ...  Read More

Full Research Paper Biomechanics / Biomechanical Engineering
Evaluation of Lumbar Muscle Synergy in Flexion Movement using Time-Varying Muscle Synergies

Mahdi Bagheri Rouchi; Mehrdad Davoudi; Mohammad Parnianpour

Volume 13, Issue 2 , August 2019, Pages 177-187

  According to the literature, changes in muscle activity patterns are considered as one of the causes of non-specific chronic low back pain. Recent studies have introduced muscle synergy as a valuable tool for analyzing how muscles work in body movements. In this way, a new study method is proposed for ...  Read More