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Full Research Paper
Synthsis Of Cdse/Zns Core Shell Quantum Dots And In Vitro Evaluation Of Their Emission Effects On Raji Cells Death

Maryam Parviz; Mohammad Rabiee; Mohammad Ali Shokrgozar; Fathollah Moztarzadeh; Farzad Yousefi Gharebaghi; Mahdis Shayan; Mohammad Reza Tahriri

Volume 3, Issue 2 , June 2009, Pages 89-97

  A great deal of attention has been drawn to the colloidal chemistry based semiconductor nanocrysallites, also known as quantum dots (QDs). Because of the strong quantum confinement, quantum dots have unique size-dependent optical properties, which are much more superior to the conventional organic fluorescence ...  Read More

Full Research Paper Biopolymers
Physicochemical Properties And Cellular Responses Of Various Amounts Of Strontium-Doped Gypsum Bio Ceramics

Hadis Bandegani; Saeed Hesaraki; Masoud Alizadeh

Volume 3, Issue 2 , June 2009, Pages 99-109

  The aim of the present paper is to investigate the effect of incorporating various amounts of strontium ions (0.19 - 2.23 wt%) into calcium sulfate bio ceramics on the physical, structural properties and in vitro bioactivity and compare these properties with those of a pure calcium sulfate dehydrate ...  Read More

Full Research Paper
Corrosion Behavior Of Shape Memory Ni-Ti Alloys In The Physiological Environment Simulated By Body Fluids For Medical Application

Mehrnoush Zare; Jafar Khalil Allafi; Behnam Amin Ahmadi; Seyed Mohammad Mehdi Hadavi

Volume 3, Issue 2 , June 2009, Pages 111-118

  Ni-Ti shape memory alloys display unique properties such as high corrosion resistance, biocompatibility, super elasticity and shape memory behavior. They also are suitable materials for medical applications. In spite of high Ni content (above 50%) of Ni-Ti shape memory alloys, these materials represent ...  Read More

Full Research Paper Targeted Drug Delivery / Smart Drug Delivery / Drug Targeting
Evaluation Of Structure, Thermal Property And Drug Release Of Nano-Structure Clay (Layered Double Hydroxide) Containing Ibuprofen

Seyede Sara Shafiei; Mehran Solati Hashjin; Mehrnaz Salarian

Volume 3, Issue 2 , June 2009, Pages 119-125

  Layered double hydroxides (LDHs) are layered solid materials having positively charged layers. A variety of negatively charged biomolecules can be hybridized with LDHs to evolve into bio-LDH Nano hybrids, including vitamins, drugs and DNA strands as well as simple organic acids. In this research, Mg-Al-LDH ...  Read More

Full Research Paper Nano-Biomaterials
Synthesis Of Magnesium Calcium Phosphate Nanoparticles Using Biomimetic Method In Amino Acids Environment

Rouzbeh Kazemzadeh; Ali Asghar Behnamghader; Saeed Hesaraki; Fateme Hazrati

Volume 3, Issue 2 , June 2009, Pages 127-133

  Magnesium-contained Hydroxyapatite Nano powder was synthesized by wet chemical method using calcium nitrate tetra hydrate, magnesium nitrate hexa hydrate and di ammonium hydrogen phosphate in the presence of Glutamic acid. According to thermal analysis (STA) findings the samples were calcinated at specific ...  Read More

Full Research Paper
Dissolution Kinetics Of Amorphous Calcium Phosphate In The Simulated Osteoclastic Medium

Ali Nemati; Abdorreza Sheikh Mehdi Mesgar; Fathollah Moztarzadeh

Volume 3, Issue 2 , June 2009, Pages 135-149

  In this paper, dissolution kinetics of Amorphous Calcium Phosphate as well as cements in the Simulated Osteoclastic Medium (SOM) was evaluated based on the Shrinking Core models considering the liquid-solid reactions. Based on this model, three steps may be considered as controlling steps in the system: ...  Read More

Full Research Paper Nano-Biomaterials
Synthesis And Characterization Of Sol-Gel Derived Hydroxyapatite, Fluor-Hydroxyapatite And Fluor Apatite Nano Powders

Babak Farsadzadeh; Ali Asghar Behnamghader; Sedighe Joughedust

Volume 3, Issue 2 , June 2009, Pages 151-160

  In this study hydroxyapatite (HA), flour-hydroxyapatite (FHA) and fluorapatite (FA) nanopowders synthesized by sol-gel route. Theses powders are used as biocompatible materials for bone replacement and teeth restoration. Ammonium fluoride (NH4F MERK), calcium nitrate [Ca(NO3)2,4H2O MERK] and triethyl ...  Read More